Website Marketing Strategy
- What is it?

You may currently have a website and not be happy with the results. It could be that your site:

  • Doesn’t work with the rest of your marketing
  • Merely operates as a brochure online
  • Doesn’t have ecommerce capabilities
  • Doesn’t convert visits to sales
  • Isn’t built in a search engine friendly manner
  • Doesn’t have keyphrases to appeal to your potential customers
  • Isn’t registered with the search engines and directories


Did you know on 50% of visitors to a website leave within 8 seconds?

We have developed strategies which address each of the issues above for many clients over many years. By looking at your specific needs will develop a completely personalised website marketing strategy to suit your brand and work within your budget.

Website marketing includes all forms of unpaid or paid for promotion on the internet - Search engine optimisation, Pay per click advertising, banner advertising, free and paid for submissions, paid for links, trusted feeds as well as charging people to advertise on your own site with contextual advertising (e.g. Google AdSense). It also includes email marketing and affiliate programmes.

With over 15 years experience of undertaking and implementing responsive and website marketing strategies for elastoplast, Thomas Cook, Golden Wonder, Peugeot, Kwik Save and Boots, as well as smaller firms. Ian has a wealth of real marketing experience (NO BULL).

Website Marketing Strategy - What it gives you

A Website Marketing Strategy will identify the optimal ways to acquire new prospects, turn these into customers and then retain them in an ongoing online or below the line (direct mail) retention programme. Following approval of an website marketing strategy help you implement that strategy.

How do I get it?

Initially just call Ian Bowland on 0115 941 5297 or email to talk through your requirements. A Website Marketing Strategy can either be standalone or undertaken as part of an overall search engine optimisation campaign. We work with large and small companies and always work within budgets agreed upfront.

If you have any queries about our Website Marketing Strategy please call Ian on 0115 941 5297 or check our glossary

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Search Engine Optimisation works – it’s the fastest most effective way to reach online customers. Call or email Ian now to get started today. – a search engine optimisation firm based in Nottingham, East Midlands offering a Website Marketing Strategy as part of a search engine optimisation service (seo) to companies throughout the U.K. and Ireland.
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