Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Advertising) for businesses in Nottingham and East Midlands

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Advertising)
- What is it? specialise in Pay Per Click Advertising for businesses in Nottingham and Ireland. We’re based in Nottingham in the East Midlands, but have clients based throughout the U.K. and Ireland. Ian is a Google AdWords Professional - so really knows his way round pay per click advertising on the biggest search engine there is. 

When potential customers are searching for the types of products and services you offer two kinds of results are returned – those which have been paid for by PPC advertisers and those which are natural (also known as organic search engine optimisation). Pay per click advertising can be used to make your site immediately visible for harder natural search keywords.

The Pay Per Click elements (red) are shown for a search in Google. The Pay per click ads are shown in a variety of ways depending on the search engine. You don’t pay to be on the search engine results page (SERP), but only when your ad is subsequently clicked on. Your position within the PPC ads also differs depending on the search engine. Yahoo! Search positioning is solely determined by the maximum bid you are willing to pay. Positioning in Google is a mixture of the maximum bid and the click through rate (CTR) of the ad. Our bid management is managed by experts by hand we don’t solely rely on bid management software.

The process starts by carrying out Keyword Research and considering the different buying processes of all your potential targets. Ads are copywritten with deep-links to specific landing pages, budget recommendations are discussed and agreed and then implementation starts. We would generally propose advertising on both Google and Yahoo! Search (formerly Overture).

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Advertising)
- What it gives you

Some of the benefits of Pay per click advertising are:

  • Gives immediate and flexible search presence (Easy to switch on and off)
  • Great for words where can’t get natural search visibility
  • Can control budget very easily
  • True Return on Investment (ROI). Only pay when somebody clicks on your ad
  • Ads appear for search phrases your potential customers are using
  • Works well for dynamic sites which can have problems being spidered
  • Acts whilst SEO programme developing
  • Great for seasonal items, sales or time sensitive promotions
  • Generates positive branding, since visible sites are perceived as having high credibility
  • Easy to track and measure success

We supply reports indicating all success measures at a time to suit you.

What can we do for you

We can help you however you want.

Do you want to learn how to construct a Google AdWords Campaign. We can teach you through Group Courses or personalised one to one training. Alternatively we can develop your campaigns from scratch or manage them to help you get the most for your budget. Whatever you want just call Ian on 07989 077778 or email

Who has used us and are they happy?

We handle pay per click advertising for a variety of different clients both big and small. We are always guided by what you need whether it is visits or reducing your cost per conversion figures. We regularly achieve Return on Investment Results of over 500% for our clients. What that means is for every £1000 spent on Google this reults in £6000+ in sales revenue. See what some of our clients have said:

"Ian's regularly updated knowledge of Google AdWords and Analytics is impressive. He keeps our AdWords Account running smoothly and more importantly , cost effectively. I'd recommend him for anyone with a Google AdWords Account"

Lee Moakes, Owner

"Webviz have really helped us get our head round AdWords"

Alfred Rose, Owner

We're really happy with how Ian has helped with our Google AdWords and our natural rankings. Check out Mens Jumpers or Mens Lambswool Jumpers in Google and you'll see.

Daniel Gribby, Owner

Why use us and how do I get it?

Pay per click advertising can appear easy to implement. However, it is extremely easy to waste money by implementing a simple campaign.

Our approach helps you get:

  • Quick and flexible results
  • Assistance and advice on managing budgets (and keeping within them)
  • Full tracking and measurement of results
  • Just look at some of our results

Initially just call Ian Bowland on 0115 941 5297 or email to talk through your requirements. There are one off fees for setting up the Pay Per Click Advertising but are dependent on your specific needs. The cost for the clicks themselves are on top of this plus there is also a monthly management fee dependent on the total charged on clicks. This is generally £99+VAT or 10% of the monthly Google charges. 

We work with large and small companies and always work within budgets agreed upfront.

If you have any queries about our Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) please call Ian on 0115 941 5297 or check our glossary

We also provide this service to

Web agencies or Advertising agencies who want to offer their own clients Search Engine Optimisation or Pay per click services.

If you have any queries about our Website Marketing Strategy please call Ian on 0115 941 5297 or check our glossary

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