Link Building
and Improving Link Popularity

Link Building - What is it?

Link popularity is a measure of the quantity and quality of links from other websites that link back to your website. Link building and improving link popularity is the most important change in search engine optimisation over the past three years. Ensuring your website has sufficient link popularity is critical to being visible on the search results pages for your keywords.

The approach to link building is to evaluate both the quantity and quality of external websites which link to your website and also those which link to your competitors. We then capitalise on any opportunities from credible sites. This approach can take longer than using unscrupulous link farms but is far less dangerous and the long-term results are significantly better. We only use link building methods approved by the search industry, if you use any free to link sites or link farms your site can get completely banned from search engines. Many sites fell out of Google after their last “Jagger” algorithm change due to unscrupulous linking techniques.

Link Building and Improving Link Popularity
- What it gives you

Google and many other top search engines use the quantity and quality of external links (websites linking back from their site to yours) as an important factor in determining the ranking of your website among their search results. With Google it is seen as important as your website content. Link building must work in tandem with Online PR.

Working in consultation with you we produce an Action Plan

  • We identify how well linked you are and where you sit against your competition with links from key directories and industry portals
  • We review and develop a target list of PR opportunities. Using proprietary software we can see which are the hub links for your industry (We can even look at your competitors)
  • We develop strategies to get backlinks from hubs and portals through Online PR and more traditional backlink routes of email approach 
  • We then either work with you directly or through a web agency to implement the changes.

Link Building is one part of ongoing search engine optimisation. Check your own sites links here http://tinymce.moxiecode.cp/mce_temp_url

How do I get it and how much will it cost?

Initially just call Ian Bowland on 0115 941 5297 or email to talk through your requirements. Generally Link Building and Improving Link Popularity is undertaken as part of an overall search engine optimisation strategy. We work with large and small companies and always work within budgets agreed. 

If you have any queries about Link Building and Improving Link Popularity please call Ian on 0115 941 5297 or check our glossary

We also provide this service to

Web agencies or Advertising agencies who want to offer their own clients Search Engine Optimisation or Pay per click services.

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