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Do I really need search engine optimisation?

Any website hoping to be found will need to make use of search engine optimisation – otherwise it is just like being a needle in a haystack. You need to make sure your site is appealing to potential purchasers of your products using phrases they actually use to search.

Do I really need to use a search engine optimisation specialist?

No not always, you could always choose to optimise your website yourself. But don’t underestimate the time, effort, specialist programmes and expertise needed. Before starting any campaign, we thoroughly research your target market.

We always aim to build long term mutually beneficial relationships. We prefer not to work with clients where benefits of SEO can’t be profitably measured.

How quickly will search engine optimisation show results?

Search engine optimisation generally does take a number of months to filter through the search engines and give improved rankings on results pages. But this process can be made faster by investing in online PR to interweave with link building and submissions.

How long does search engine optimisation take?

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and so it’s our policy to have a long term relationship.

How much does search engine optimisation cost?

The cost of webviz services depends on the complexity of your site, the breadth of your product range and competition faced.

For a no obligation meeting just call Ian on 0115 9415297 or email with the details, he’ll be in touch.

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